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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 3, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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important, we know this is important. on all the other business networks, we think it's important, but we're kind of going to mail it in. if it matters to you, it matters. if it doesn't ---but it does. i'm eric, along with kimberly, dana and greg. this is "the five." with 24 hours to go in the drudge headline says it all, it looks like the gop may take the senate and in the very latest polling, momentum is serving from atlanta to anchorage. here are the numbers from real clear politics. we highlighted the ten most interesting races. remember, republicans are widely believed to pick up seats in west virginia, south dakota and montana. given these remaining ten seats, republicans need just a net of three. we're going to start in the northeast, head south and then out west where things got interesting this morning.
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we're going to start off with new hampshire. i wanti to start with you, because this is the one that's gone back and forth, back and forth. it's leaning toward jeanne shaheen, they just like an hour ago called it a neck and neck. >> new hampshire is a state that generally tends to return senators for a second term, one, two brown has a problem, he's not from the state, he came into the state. shaheen is a -- >> anyone disagree with that? >> i disagree only because of people i have heard on the ground that disagrees. and i also thought it was interesting this weekend when hillary clinton went there and somebody was complaining about scott brown being a carpet bagger and she nodded her head along, as if she hadn't done the same thing in new york city, it's not like this is
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unprecedented. and also if you think about that debate last week where the moderator messed up and these had to apologize to scott brown later, i think that we don't know how social media factors in, an apology like that, you don't see the corrections in the newspaper after a bad story run. but with social media, that could be changing some of these races. >> crowley, new hampshire. >> it sounds worse than it really is. >> i like him, i'm going for him, i think he's going to beat shaheen, i think he's got the momentum. >> that would be amazing if he does win, that will tell the tale for the night. >> the ones that are really hotly contested, like north carolina, where tom tillis and kay hagan have gone back and forth. moving her again way down the east coast, the two states that are the best chance for a democrat to pick up would be new
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hampshire, north carolina. bob tell us about kay hagan, thoughts? >> hagan has grown consistently, her ground game is very, very good. i think hagan who was the most vulnerable of all the democrats as we start this election year, may well be the one that turns out to persevere. >> greg, your thoughts on this one? >> i'm not so much interested in the race as what's going to happen after, the media is already in gear, they're talking about the republicans gain control, that rather than change the direction of the country, they should change the direction of their party. so if you win, you must preserve the downward spiral that we're experiencing now, and if you look at the language, the media saying, shouldn't you now be -- i was watching the news this morning while i was working out, stair climber, one hour. the media was saying shouldn't they work with the president, which is code for give in. so it's amazing if the democrats
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win, obama gets a mandate, if the republicans win, obama gets a mandate. >> north carolina, i want to move a little quicker through some of these states, north carolina, k.g.? >> north carolina, tom tillis, i think he's had late breaking momentum, i would like to see somebody with an incumbent to be moving ahead. >> it's not like they don't like tom tillis, they just don't like kay hagan. >> in georgia, david perdue looks like he will win after a runoff in jamnuary, assuming tht either candidates gets less than 50%. mcconnell has a wide margin. >> i think we should say something about that, the major races against the democratic or i'm sorry the majority leader of the senate, whether it was
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daschle, then harry reid's race in kentucky, i would say both read and mcconnell showed that you have to have a really good candidate to try to bump those guys off. they put a ton of money into it. but it was a waste of time. >> we move on to louisiana where cassidy -- it's one candidate doesn't get 50% of the vote, it will go to a runoff that will be -- greg, you want to weigh in on this? rob manis going to have around 6% or 7% of the vote, that will help change things. if he drops out, they'll take the top two. >> i would rather talk about president obama today who spoke to a quarter full arena in philadelphia, it was at temple, it wasn't at the sixers arena. it's worse than the media is --
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maybe next week he can speak at a curves class and get a spinning class. >> even though -- in a runoff, do you think that changes and there. >> because the black population is high, it's going to be a very difficult race for either one of them. i have these with 50/50, with three races really to decide, georgia and louisiana may go to a runoff and in kansas. >> who are you picking? >> well, i'll tell you, what i'm picking, but one thing i want to say, let's keep this in mind also, this is not a pro republican vote going on here, this is an anti-obama, anti-democratic vote. >> i disagree. >> i would disagree. they have had superior candidates, candidate quality
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has been absolutely key. remember, bob, the republicans have not been able to pick off more than two incumbents since 1980 and we're talking in this conversation here, about at least four to seven. that's pretty remarkable. >> there's not a reason that they have given to elect republicans. >> the reason is that the democrats suck. that's a good reason. >> here's an example of that, landrieu hurting herself with her comments, were very divisive, i don't think the right tone, to be calling southerners racists. >> come on, come on. don't say that. that is just flat wrong. >> a lot of people are saying what she said was -- >> if you wanted -- i know her very well, she would never say that. >> the point she was making, she was talking about a racist past then she brought it into the present by saying that president
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obama had problems in this area, she talked about the past and she pulls it into the present. >> she could just run on her own record, she was successful, she was well liked, she had every advantage, that move whether she meant it that way or not did hurt her. >> we have these load in order. we'll go quickly. tom cotton with a wide lead, we'll go past that one. greg is going to talk about iowa. k.g., someone mentioned kansas, dana, kansas, senate, roberts versus orman, orman is running as an independent, any question that this guy would caucus with the democrats? >> i don't know him. okay? so it seems like the people of kansas don't know him, but they really talk about a protest, though. it is amazing that you would talk about kansas as a tossup. but it really is a jump ball, right, bob? this one we don't know. >> the one advantage of having the white house is that you can
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give a lot of goodies out to people. so democrats will be very, very strong and let's keep in mind, the next two years from now the democrats have a very favorable -- >> orman over the weekend calling bob dole a clown. i think kansas should be careful because in some ways, they don't know who he is, and they might not like the current guy they have, but between the two, i think that roberts probably wins by just a hair. >> we have a little bit more news today, cory gardner and mark udall in colorado, you come from colorado, corrie gardner -- >> you've been characterized as having the best campaign, he's happy, he's optimistic, he left a really safe seat, he could have won re-election in congress quite easily, but he decided to take this on, hopefully his
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campaign will be a model for future ones, showing an optimistic agenda for the party. >> this is an all male campaign, which is -- a mail in campaign, and the mail has been fairly strong for republicans, although late voting has commenced from the boulder area in through denver. it will be a close race, but i think udall is looking at an uphill race of two pointses or better. >> he's the guy who also had someone walk out a big donor walk out of a campaign rally yesterday, saying, big democrat donors saying this is all you've got, this issue of abortion. >> all that's true. >> can we point out in colorado they are releasing the numbers as they come in, and colorado colorado is about 48 to 49%
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skewed to the gop. >> udall's campaign is as example of consultant malpractice, that they didn't give him enough to run on and he was able to turn it around. do you think there will be some soul searching about how to turn -- >> it's something that limits you in a whole lot of ways. i'm not willing to throw this in, colorado has had a straight -- remember, the last time we were out there, bennett was going to be beat by what's his name, the tea party guy and it turns out bennett won, so i don't know about colorado, it's a strange thing. but i put it 50/50. >>a guy you're talking about is ken buck and he was going to run for senator against cory gardner, and buck ended up running for -- >> if home team matters at all,
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this is the gop's home year, home team, seven of these contested states right here were won by mitt romney in the 2012 election, see keep an eye on -- >> bob's point is that in 2016, the opposite is true for republicans. you have incumbent republicans that are going to have do defend themselves in states that obama won. >> okay, so how big is tomorrow? it depends on who you ask. here are mitt romney and barack obama on the importance of the 2014 midterm elections. here's mr. romney. >> this is really the last chance for america to pass judgment on the obama administration. and not his policies, and the president himself said he's not on the ballot, but his policies are, that includes hesitancy and weakness abroad, that has led to a certain degree to the rise of isis. it's also led to the most fundi fundi
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fundamental promise of obama care, i think that's where we know the president's going to head as soon as the election is over. >> and now, according to politi politico, the president said, the administration officials tell us that obama's political and policy teams are planning a big counter attack if the republicans win the senate. >> you listen to romney, romney had absolutely nothing to say about what the republicans were going to do. >> romney said change is good, things are going to progress. >> he said they would launch a serious counter attack, remember, president obama feels more comfortable with political enemies in going after political enemies than actual enemieenemi. he used such strong language when it comes to his americaned a very -- adversaries as opposed to the others. we need to kick the grad schools
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out and bring in the adults and the most important step is to refund and reinvigorate our defense, because we've got to stop naval gazing, navy's retiring 11 cruisers, air force, 550 planes, the message here is that the city on the hill has turned out its lights. it's sk isis knows it and putin knows it. we need to turn them back on. >> it's defense, building back up our military, not demonizing it, doing something serious about health care and the economy, jobs speak volumes. >> tell me exactly what you're talking about? >> why do they need to repeal obama care? >> we know that's not going to happen. >> too many broken promises to the american people. >> that's not going to happen. >> you asked me what i thought they should do. >> i disagree with mitt romney on one point, when he said that this is the last time that the american people will have a say on the obama presidency.
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if you look at what happened in 2008, both obama and biden, and hillary clinton in the primary, they all ran against george w. bush. so i think that that's got to be on the mind of something like hillary clinton that obama will still be on the ballot in people's minds come 2016. >> and the next two years, the media will spend its time repairing and rehabbing president obama, he will come back as the, what is it the phoenix rising, it will be a great story and they're banking on it. mark my words. we got to leave it right there. next, have identity politics finally backfired on democrats, even bill clinton warning gender and race-baiting is bad for our country. looki . before we go, don't forget to set your dvrs for fox news's special election coverage
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starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. there's going to be a three school viewing party on election night in indiana. go hoosiers, we'll be right back. many americans who have prescriptions fail to stay on them. that's why we created programs which encourage people to take their medications regularly. so join us as we raise a glass to everyone who remembered today. bottoms up, america. see you tomorrow. same time. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
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maybe the war on women has won its course. blah, blah, blah, racist, blah, blah, blah, blah, sexist. >> the biggest threat to our future and grand children is the poison of identity politics that preaches that our differences are far more important than our common humanity. >> i am just dismayed by the persistence of race and politicians pushing the race button in american politics, they do it for short-term gain, but there's long-term consequences for this. >> could this usher in a new era, free of identity politics? please, as one says it's not a bug in the system, it is the system.
2:21 pm
you have political facts and relying on the asusumption that the other side is evil. >> joni ernst, she's really attractive. and she sounds nice. i don't care if she's has good looking as taylor swift, or as nice as mr. rogers. >> that old white male is liberal, his heart's in the right place, even if his mind is somewhere else. the reality is that the country has already been harmed by divisiveness. is if divisive or divisive. disturbancing marriage that al sharpton may bank on. when sharpton went from the white house, he's the path to
2:22 pm
power, divide then conquer, as long as the media smears them as bigots, no one cares, it has to come from culture, through humor and truth. >> many americans have been disappointed with the president's handling of the ebola crisis, immigration and isis, so i'm asking, for real, should we have voted for mitt romney? [ laughter ] >> hell, no. >> that's mores s astounding th funny, but better late than never. >> divisive or divisive. >> peter says potato. >> let's talk about the harken thing, is he making actually a sound point, like don't vote for somebody because they're hot, but if a republican had said
2:23 pm
that, of course there would be an issue. >> of course there would be an issue. this is the great thing that i like about this election and the next one and even 2020, there is going to be a new generation of leaders and america deserves it. because i think that younger people don't necessarily see the world like this. and the republican party, for all of its faults and there are many, one of them being that we have had a lack of women that have been running, but this time around, remember in 2008, hillary clinton blames part after her loss in iowa by saying that she was surprised to find out that iowa had never elected a woman state wide. now they're about to and it's going to be joni ernst, and it will be a wonderful senator breath of fresh air, but people have forgeted, in west virginia, shelly capita will be there. eloose stefanik, and you have governors martinez and haley, that are going to be re-elected, their races are so easy, they're
2:24 pm
not even on the map. we're not even talking about them, so there are improvements that have been made a and people are going to move past harken and those in the republican party who can't steam to avoid talking about gender and race. >> i just want to throw to joni ernst on knocfox and friends reacting. >> i was very offended that senator harken would say that, i think its unfort natural that you can't be a real woman if you're conservative and you're female, if my name had been john ernst attached to my resume, senator harken would not have said those things. >> very good point. the democrats have tried to play that war on women things, the republicans have the war on women, yet they'll say things like this, if a republican said it, they're sweeping this under the rug, bruce braley right now is saying, this is what i think.
2:25 pm
using joni ernst's looks. the interesting part of the whole thing, harken wasn't talking about bruce braley talking about being a good candidate, they have nothing to go on. >> she's going to win and iowans like her because of her candidacy, because of what she stands for, and she doesn't have tired talking points, they're choosing her in the because she's a woman, because she's the best candidate. >> don't elect somebody because he's charismatic, or don't elect someone because of his race. is that what harken was trying to say or was he sexist? >> i don't know where his taste in women are a little different than mine. but i think she's run a very good campaign, a substantive
2:26 pm
campaign, the real problem here is, you keep talking about my man bill clinton, the fact of the matter is, among blacks in this country, if the republicans would spend just some time, just some time trying to engage with the black community, it would not be as much of a wall between them. >> what happens when they -- >> rand paul did it in -- >> a good example. >> did a very good job down in washington -- >> what happened to mitt when he went to philly. >> but mitt doesn't -- >> the other thing is, greg, that the republican party has not until recently encouraged women to run, and that's been the real problem. democrats have done that for a long time, the republicans have consistently continued to have white men run in their races and now it's starting to change, and i think it will be better for them. >> when we come back, we'll answer the questions you sent in on twitter about tomorrow's elections, using #thefive.sayin.
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all right, a lot of people have questions about material's elections, so we would like to help answer them. we got some tweets, we're going to begin with greg, this is from francis powers, as a 19-year-old, how should i convince my friends to go out and vote for the gop without being annoying. >> yes, ask your friends how well has it worked out so far voting in the other direction? >> well, this will be their first time voting. >> then you have to say the republicans are not based on government dependence, but on your own individual achievement, not an assumption that you're a weak willed person that depends on the government. that plays to their ego.
2:32 pm
i'm going to try to do this because they think i can do better, as opposed to the democrats who think i can do worse. >> i would say that. >> i started out slow, but i picked it up at the end. >> francis, isn't there somebody famous -- >> frances garry powers. >> if the republican takes the senate, this is from omar lopez. if the republicans take the senate, can they overturn much of the obama health care laws? >> okay, so that's been a big campaign issue, in fact, it harkens back to the a block where we discussed this. i think what they can do, not just turning it over, cutting the whole thing out, they can actually get some consensus from the democrats on a couple of key provisions, like employer mandates, as opposed to aboli abolishing it, rewriting it, i
2:33 pm
think they would have to get some new leadership and republicans in both houses. >> ads for breakdowns, actually, bob, the majority of ads that were run in republican races were about repealing obama care. >> it's a popular issue. >> popular issue, but what can they do? bob, this is from jill, can harry reid hold on to the leadership post in the senate minority? will he be challenged? >> i don't think so, for two reasons, one, the people who will be left in the senate will be people who voted for him, but secondly he's a very good parliamentarian, and it will lead him to go toe to toe with mcconnell. in 2016, chuck schumer will have new senators in and they will o opt to go with a new leader. >> do you think hillary clinton would like to have harry reid not as the leader? >> she doesn't have anything to do with that? >> we'll see. eric, your question is, what will be the liberal spin when
2:34 pm
they lose, republicans have no mandate, or republicans have to run to the left, also harkening back to the a blblock. >> i think the liberal spin will be the reason why the gop won was because obama was in fact on the ticket and, you know, how republicans are, they're all racist and they all hate obama, and anything obama does is wrong, that's why the senate went the other way, debbie wasserman schultz was on about an hour ago, and she said that she thinks the senate is going to stay democrat, because she thinks the people are going to vote for more gridlock, but people are voting for, the market, is up almost 2,000 points since the big swing towards the gop, so at least the people who are managing the money, some of the smartest minds in the country believe that. a republican senate will make it harder for obama to add more taxes and you may even get some taxes to revert back to the old level. >> and bob said, do something
2:35 pm
about taxes. >> i think something else that rose under obama. the stock market went down 2,000 points under obama. >> dana, this is from austin weaver. do you think more people will vote republican due to recent youth unemployment. i think that if you're a first-time voter and you're in college and you're one of the many who has found it hard to get a foot hold or get a promotion and you're still having to live with your parentses parents or relying on them. if you're inclined to vote in the midterm, the house under republican rule has passed lots of bills that have been stop bid the senate, they will not be stopped by a republican senate, that can only be stopped by one person and that would be president obama and i don't think that he will veto everything and there could be some consensus. >> dana, this is extremely
2:36 pm
informative, very educational. >> that was a fun segment. >> i'm sorry, frank, about your voter identification one. >> we'll get to it next chris rock, mixed comedy with tragedy on saturday night live and some of his critics weren't happy about it. did they go too far or should they just lighten up, that's next. protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. for new nestlé© toll houser delightfulls morsels, the chocolate you know and love now filled with caramel, peanut butter, cherry, and mint.
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2:41 pm
they're just building duck? what are they thinking? and who's the corporate sponsor, target? >> are his critics overreacting or did he go too far. everybody at home was talking about this if you saw it or you heard about it. greg, go around the table, keep it simple. >> at no point during that did he make light of any of the victims and i think jokes about the event are necessary to heal and move on. i can understand where family members who died may not like it, but chris rock as a performer can't do his act based on whether people might not like it. he was being absurd, which is the point of a joke, you're going to be absurd about those kinds of things, going after comedians is not something we should be doing. we should never become come bdc
2:42 pm
police. let us understand that this guy is really good at what he does. >> i went to you first, because you're kind of funny. you weren't very funny then, especially when you told my comedy police line. >> thievery. >> it's a good point, i agree because i would never be able to do standup comedy because i don't have the ability to risk like that and to say things that are going to make people really uncomfortable. that's not my style, i like to make people really comfortable. but that's one of the things i like to go to comedy shows because i like to feel that way of being uncomfortable. i probably would not have said this joke, but i can't condemn him for saying it. >> eric, i know 9/11 is very foer personal to you, the loss you experienced and the fear of your friends that died. but you may have a very personal take. >> the intent of everything you do and say is important as greg points out. and in my opinion, i was in the building. so if anyone's sensitive about
2:43 pm
it, i am. but his intent don't seem to belittle or hurt anyone, his intent was to be funny and frankly he was funny. i can't have a problem with that. >> i hear everybody saying, it was such a -- when you think about going downtown, when you think about going to the buildings, so there's a little bit of truth in that. >> and maybe boston was a little bit more sensitive, like for some reason, i mean it's talking about the buildings, i have a little bit -- i don't know. i don't have any problem with it. >> and there was one part we didn't know here u where he said even if scarlet johannson was buck naked eating ribs, he wouldn't go in that building. >> i think first of all, there's two things that happened this weekend, one was the new york city marathon and the second is the first tenants moved into the world trade center, i would not
2:44 pm
want to live on the 103rd floor, but i think the guy was making jokes that were -- i mean he's a median, that's what he does, give him a break. >> i think it's time for comedians to come out and aggressively go after the online outrage, not just go after their pals, but everybody. there's a brigade of intolerance going on and i think that comedians should be more brave about that, but the skit isis that was on saturday night live, i felt was a little different, because north to enjoy the isis skit, when they go on shark tank, you have to ignore the fact that there are people being raped and murdered this week. and that's a little hard for a lot of people to do. >> thank you for summarizing and that was good. >> a lot of democrats are worried about losing control of the senate, but not joe biden. oh, no. the veep's prediction and our
2:45 pm
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a lot of pollsters say that
2:49 pm
the senate is going back to the gop this week. >> i don't agree with the odds makers, i think we're going to keep the senate. >> i think we're going to hold the senate. we have a ground game that would take theirs any day of the week. >> when we see the polls, democrats win. >> we expected them to say, now it's time for our finalpreati predictions, the republicans are guaranteed 50 seats in the senate. two of them heading for runoffs, or at least one of them, that would be georgia and louisiana. the questionable state would be kansas and of the three of those, the chances of the republicans will in fact get the senate, will only get 50 votes. and in the house, i would predict nine votes, because of some things that would happen over the weekend, and among government no
2:50 pm
government -- >> 36 governor races. >> all right, so we talked about the a block, we talked about the ten states, montana, south dakota, west virginia already going, i think louisiana, georgia, iowa, kentucky, arkansas and alaska go republican that leaves north carolina and new hampshire going republican. that would lead to a 52-47 republican lead. >> i'm going to go with a total of 53 republicans, i don't know how it's all going to shake out. but i am going out on a limb. and you better agree with me. i think there will be a surprise tomorrow night. i think ed gillespie in virginia has a real shot of winning that seat tomorrow night. >> if i had to predict a
2:51 pm
surprise, i think it would where gillespie. >> my prediction is joe biden's hair and debbie wasserman schultz's hair are going to marry in a private ceremony in the bahamas and raise a fame of cheetos. >> republicans i will say 52. >> are you with me on gillespie? >> i'm with you in spirit, but not 100% confident. >> i'm going to say i think that dana will pull in plus ten. >> and i think orman is going to caucus with the democrats. i'm sorry to tell you. >> no opinion. >> we're not in kansas anymore. >> one more thing, dorothy is up next. >> scott brown, new hampshire. sheila! you see this ball control?
2:52 pm
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you got this. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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all right, time for one more thing, k.g., your first? >> this is a life affirming very inspirational thing that happened. colleges freshman lauren hill played her dream to player ncaa ball and she did. they had capacity for 2,000. so many people wanted to come see her play the game which they moved up earlier because of her terminal illness. 10,000 people showed up to cheer her on. truly inspiring, about making every day count, not letting a
2:56 pm
terminal illness get you down. but following your dreams and pursuing them, every day matters. >> that's up to the ncaa. let's just real quick, get her thoughts and reflection on this experience. >> it's a dream come true to play on the college sports. it's great to get there and be able to put my foot down and just feel the roar of the crowd and the vibration of the floor boards and i just love it so much. >> of course she scored in the crowd went wild after her first basket. god bless her and her family and keep them in your prayers as they go through this very difficult time. >> i urge everybody, even republicans to go out and vote, you know, it is a -- very few places in this world you can
2:57 pm
legitimately vote. for the most part, since i left politics, votes have become pretty honest and i think you have a responsibility, you know, if you're going to yell about obama or yell about the left, all the rest of it, go vote, that's your responsibility, and if you don't do it, i don't want to listen to you. >> very good. >> i like bob, helping the republicans with the get out the vote. excellent. >> and you're up, d. >> you can't get enough of the midterms, o'reilly went and talked to the voters in d.c. >> when are you going to vote? >> when the elections happen? >> do you know when the elections are? >> november 8. >> november 9. >> now who's running? >> you are. >> i think i hear my mother calling me. >> so you can catch jesse watters tonight on o'reilly.
2:58 pm
>> i'm with bob, i think everybody should vote, unless you're stupid. all right. >> i hate these people. >> so for three years, i have had the same iphone charger for my phone plugged into my computer, and then all of a sudden some box show has a special show over the weekend and they're on our 18th floor and now my charger is missing, which is just obviously a coincidence, there's no way these people could come into the building over the weekend and all of a sudden my charger is missing. that would never happen, nobody just walked down the hall and saw my charger, and took its off my desk. that would never happen, but if you take something from somebody, you should always return it. we are looking at three suspects that are possible involved in this theft. >> how did shep get up there? >> shep's been up there. he wanders, he takes whatever's his and whatever's not his. that callus human being, shep. >> i'm leaning on the guy to the
2:59 pm
right. he's not here a lot. >> yes. >> i think he borrowed my flag pin once. >> but he did give it back. that's good news. with all the election coverage, we kind of didn't get a chance to talk about this, on friday night, marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi was released from the mexican jail. we're all happy the mexican government did that, and a big thank you to both greta and bill o'reilly who spent a lot of time pushing to get that done on their shows. they're going to get an exclusive. >> greta did more to bring him home than president obama. >> you better ask about my phone charger. >> and now st. joseph university is the ncaa school that she was able to play, she made the team. >> that's it, great show, everyone, don't miss -- >> i'm sorry, man, i tried.
3:00 pm
>> here's the bottom line, dvr this show, stick around for "special report" coming from new york city. that's next. this is the fox news alert, i'm bret baier, coming to you from fox news world headquarters from new york, with extensive coverage of the final day before the 2014 midterm election, thanks to our single sponsor, the first half hour of this show, we'll have limited special breaks, wednesday the day after election day, the entire show will be sponsored by norfolk southern, giving us a full hour with very limited breaks. and that's good, because that's a lot co-cover. we begin tonight -- early voting data indicates around 17 million people in 31 states have already voted.


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